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10 Favorite Games at Casual Connect

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Casual Connect Asia 2017 was held in Singapore few weeks ago and I had the privilege to attend the event as one of the finalist for the Indie Prize. I’m so surprised and thrilled to be selected to showcase my first game SumiKen : Ink Blade Samurai at the event, my heart literally skipped a few beats when I saw the invitation letter! Massive thank you to the event organizer for giving me a chance to participate and meet so many awesome people during the event!

Here’s my little corner during Casual Connect Asia 2017:
sumiken indie prize casual connect asia

Game Developers Gathering

The event was jam packed with people from the game industry, all gathered in this room to share their passion and love for games. This year, there were around 100 games being showcased at theĀ event, along with so many crazy talented game developers. I tried my best to play as many games as I can during the event, but sadly time is always a bitch to me as I have my own booth to attend to. Because of this, I missed out on so many awesome games I could’ve tried.

casual connect asia 2017

Nonetheless, I would still love to share all those games I’ve played during Casual Connect Asia 2017. Because I know, these developers worked really hard, putting immense passion, time and love into their craft, just to make something others may enjoy and have fun!

10 Favorite Games at Casual Connect Asia

1. Cat Quest

Cats and RPG, both are my favourite. Mix them together and you get Cat Quest! This game feels really awesome as you get to kill monsters, level up, upgrade stats, find treasures, quests, collect equipment, and it’s open world! Everything you want from a RPG game! I prefer to play it on the PC version as you have the ability to roll, the mobile version has to remove it to simplify the game.

2. Umbra : Amulet of Light

My friendly room mates from Indonesia! This game challenges you on your puzzle solving skills. The goal is to move and rotate the blocks around to match their shadow projection onto the white lines. It introduces the game mechanic quite well and gets more and more challenging with each level, but it’s really fun to solve them!

3. She Remembered Caterpillars

This puzzle game is really beautiful and well polished. The levels are cleverly designed too to let me flow right into the game. Definitely love those characters animation, really smooth and cute!

4. She and The Light Bearer

In my opinion, this game should totally win the Most Beautiful Game Award, hands down. The art style is something I’ve never seen before, unique and gorgeous, kudos to the artists! Every characters have distinct personality and I just love it when they are interacting with each other! Pure beauty.

5. Downward

I’m very impressed when I learnt that this game is made by just 3 person in Unreal Engine! The graphics are very nice for a small team like this and they nailed the parkour mechanics down for me. It’s something like Mirror’s Edge meets Prince of Persia.

6. Tacenda

This is one of the most unique showcases at the event, because it’s not really a game, but more of an interactive experience, and a good one at that. It’s highly emotional hearing real life stories told by random passengers in the train, complimented by the abstract visual outside the train window.

7. Rhythm Doctor

Ah, the brutal rhythm game I remembered playing many many years ago. The game rule is simple, press the button on every 7th beat. The twist is that the game music glitches out to troll you and throw your timing off! Play a few more times, and it won’t be long before you start tapping while counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,BAM!

8. Uri : The Sprout Of Lotus Creek

In this game, all UI can be used as a puzzle solving tools to help the girl to reach the end of the level. It’s a pretty interesting idea and the puzzles are really fun to solve! The whole game has a Journey vibe to me, maybe because of the lighting in some level and the symbols.

9. Fancy Dogs

A cute and casual game made by a developer from Vietnam, he showed me this while we’re in the dorm hostel. It’s like Neko Atsume, except with dogs. I like how you can put on various accessories on the dogs, so cute! I heard a cat version is coming from him soon.

10. Chef Wars

Yes! This game totally captures my heart as someone who loves to cook! The developers themselves also shares the same passion in cooking too! In the game, your goal is to collect ingredients and invent recipes to win cooking battles. I love that the recipe is based on real life food from many different countries!

In A Nutshell

Well, that’s it for my personal 10 favorite games from Casual Connect Asia 2017! I’m sure there are many more great games I didn’t manage to play so I can’t say anything about them unfortunately. Hope you guys have a great time reading my short reviews, do check out the games if you are interested and give them your support! And one more thing, if you had a great experience with any games at Casual Connect, comment down below and let others know about it too!